Hog Roast Honiton

Hog Roast HonitonProviding food for a big party, family celebration or corporate event can be a lot of work, and is something that is difficult to get right. You have to take into account the dietary needs of your guests, work out how much you need, do the shopping, cook it all, serve the food and clean up afterwards. It is a lot to do, so it is tiring and stressful. Often it is hard for you to enjoy your party. At Hog Roast Honiton, we appreciate how much work is involved, so we are here to help.

When you hire us, you know you are going to get fantastic food that is perfectly cooked, nicely served and relatively inexpensive. Once we receive your order we take care of everything, including the clean up.

A choice of fantastic Spit Roasted Meats

We have the skills, equipment and experience to be able to handle the catering for any event. Our menus are extensive, with plenty of choice.

There are set menus that are designed for each type of event, but you can mix and match if you prefer. At Hog Roast Honiton, we understand that every event or party is different. Our aim is to provide the food you really want and take the pressure off you, so if you want something different just ask. If we can accommodate your changes, we will always do so.

Our professionally trained catering team specialises in cooking spit-roasted meats. If you are holding a big event, we will happily roast several whole hogs for you. But, for those holding smaller events, or people who want to offer their guests more choice, there is also the option to order other meats. Our range includes beef, lamb, whole hams, ribs, suckling pig, chicken and turkey.

We can also provide an extensive range of salads and other side dishes. Whether you want a cold buffet or hot meat with steamed vegetables and a potato dish served at the table, we can do it.

Cook your own Spitting PigHog Roast Honiton

There is also the opportunity to hire one of our hog roasters and impress your guests by doing the cooking yourself.

To find out more or get a quote please fill out the form. A member of our team will give you a ring to discuss your catering needs, and agree a price with you.