Hog Roast FAQ

Q. I am worried that a hog roast might not fit in my budget, is it expensive?

Our prices are usually very surprising to most customers, for the outstanding service and product that you receive we have very reasonable and┬ácompetitive prices. Hog roasting is a very traditional cooking method that doesn’t consume many amounts of extra ingredients and other products, meaning that a hog roast is much cheaper than most other catering services.

Q. What makes your hog roasts different?

After years of experience in the hog roast industry we really do know how to cook the best pig with the most perfect crispy crackling. With a few Spitting Pig Devon trademark secrets we do create unbelievable flavours, a pure taste sensation. We are passionate about hog roasting and passionate about making your event the best it can be, you don’t just get unbeatable food, but you get a fantastic professional service along side that.

Q. I am only having a small party, can I still have a hog roast?

There is no minimum amount of guests, we can provide a pig suited to your number of guests. We recently catered for a small garden party in Ilfracombe with 15 guests, and the week after a corporate party in Totnes for 1,500 guests. We have the ability to cook for a mass amount of people, at the same time we can use a smaller machine to cater for a select few guests.

Q. How many guests will a hog roast feed?

An average sized pig will feed 100 guests on a plated meal, or 150 guests in a sandwich, but please do bear in mind that we can purchase larger or smaller pigs. Depending on the size of your event it would depends on the size of pig we brought. Your number of guests is not something to worry about as we are able to feed any number of people.

Q. My party will be outdoors, will you provide a gazebo for incase it rains?

The Spitting Pig can control many things on the day of your event, however the weather is not one of those unfortunately! We have a gazebo that we to use to protect the food, and if you are able to move your guests indoor we are still able to cook outdoor and serve indoor if required. If outdoor is the only option and you are still worried about the rain ruining your party we would suggest hiring a marquee to protect your guests, just incase!

Q. My event doesn’t fall under your menu categories, will that matter?

We do have a selection of specially designed menus that will suit any occasion, formal or informal. However if you can’t see exactly what you are looking for or would like to make any changes to our menus this is not a problem. We will tailor our menus to match your needs, if required we can create a bespoke menu just for your celebration.

Q. I am having a garden party, will you need access to my kitchen?

We are fully self sufficient and everything that we need will be in our van, so we will not need access to your house (however using the toilet facilities would be greatly appreciated). The area where you would like us to set up is purely your choice, we only require a small area.

Q. How long will a hog roast take to cook?

This does depend on the size of the pig, for every 10 kilos of pig it will equal as 1 hours cooking time, averaging out at roughly 6 hours for a regular sized pig. The time of year can also affect this due to the weather, also the location, if the event is outdoor or indoor. We will start the pig cooking before we arrive on site and the last few hours of cooking will be done at your event while we freshly prepare all of our salads and side dishes.