Hog Roast Ivybridge

Hog Roast IvybridgeAt Hog Roast Ivybridge, we understand that everyone loves a party, but that organising one can be tricky. There is a lot to think about and get done. Top of the list is providing tasty food for everyone. Working out how much people will eat and what the type of dishes you should provide is a time-consuming and difficult task. Shopping, cooking and serving it all leaves most party or event organisers feeling frazzled and unable to enjoy the day or evening.

Fortunately, there is a simpler and less stressful option, which is to hire us to cater for your next corporate event, family party or wedding. We will provide fantastic food that everyone will love and do so for a fair price.

An extensive Hog Roast Menu

We can provide you with any type of spit roasted meat. Our professional chefs are trained to cook everything to perfection, and will do so in front of your guests. This adds to the theatre and spectacle of your event. The sight of a whole hog or several joints of meat turning on a spit is impressive, and the smell is wonderful.

The meat can be served simply either sliced or pulled with stuffing and your choice of sauces. You can have it laid out on a buffet table and let your guests help themselves or let our catering assistant stuff the meat into a soft bap and serve everyone individually. We also offer the option for you to host a formal sit down meal, and we provide professional waiting staff for this type of event.

There is also the option to order side dishes, trays of canap├ęs, salads and desserts from us. These can be served as part of a buffet or our waiting staff can take the trays around and offer the food to your guests individually.

A flexible Hog Roast ServiceHog Roast Ivybridge

Our aim is to please, so we will adapt our menus and service to meet your needs. At Hog Roast Ivybridge, we know that everyone is different, so we adapt to what you want. For example, if you prefer to do the cooking yourself you can hire a spit roasting machine from us.

Whatever you want, we will do it provided we have the necessary equipment and staff available. Just fill out the quote form and we will give you a ring to discuss your needs and give you a price.