Hog Roast Paignton

If you are planning a hog roast in Paignton, you are in the right place. At Spitting Pig, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional catering service that is suitable for anyone to use. Over the years, we have provided spit roasted meats and foods for hundreds of family parties, weddings and corporate events.

Our experienced team of catering assistants, chefs and waiting staff are ready to help you provide fantastic food for your guests. We take all of the strain of catering for your guests, which lets you relax and spend time enjoying yourself.

Hog Roast Paignton Food That Is Suitable For All Occasions

If you are planning to invite a lot of guests to your event or party, a whole hog roast is the perfect option. The meat goes a long way, tastes great and can be served in a variety of ways. For an informal party making it part of a buffet or serving it in baps both work well.

However, for a wedding or formal corporate event serving the meat with a choice of potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy is a better option. At Hog Roast Paignton, we offer both types of services.

For smaller parties spit roasted joints of meat or turkeys are often a better option. If you want to serve a mix of meats at a bigger event to provide your guests with more choice we can do that too.

You are in charge, and it is you who sets the tone and decides what will be served, and how. But, it is us that does all of the hard work and makes sure that there is enough beautiful food for everyone to enjoy.

Our Hog Roast Machine Hire Service

Hog Roast PaigntonWe understand that not everyone has the budget to hire a full catering team. Therefore, we also offer you the option to hire a spit roasting machine from us, which you can then use to cook your own selection of meats. Our team provides support, including delivering the spit roaster, showing you how to use it, picking it up and cleaning it.

If you want the Hog Roast Paignton team to provide the food for your next event, just fill in the quote form. One of us will review the details and get back to you quickly with a price. Once we receive confirmation of your order, we will source the best food for your event, cook it and look after everything for you.