Hog Roast Torquay

When it comes to party food there really is nothing better than a hog roast. Practically everyone loves the taste of spit-roasted pork in a bun with apple or barbecue sauce. At Hog Roast Torquay, we have the necessary experience to cater for any size party or event.

Hiring us makes feeding your guests easy. All you need to do is to choose the dishes you want us to provide and confirm your order. After that, we take care of everything else leaving you free to enjoy your party or special event.

Hog Roasts And Catering For Every Event in Torquay

The hog roast machines we use are state of the art and made to our special design, which means that they cook to perfection. We have adapted them so that they can roast turkeys, hams, beef joints, lamb and other meats. A spit-roasted hog with lovely crisp crackling is hard for most people to resist, but it is nice to be able to provide your guests with a choice of meats.

Hog Roast TorquayWe also cook a range of potato and vegetable dishes that can be served with the meat. You can opt to have everything served buffet style or, for a more formal occasion, take advantage of our waiting service and have it served to your guests at the table. The choice is yours you are in control at every stage. Just tell us what you need and we provide it.

Everything is cooked fresh, using the finest, local ingredients, so you know that the food that we serve is going to look and taste wonderful.  At Spitting Pig Torquay, we work hard to provide impressive food for a fair price.

Hire A Spit Roaster From Spitting Pig

Alternatively, you can rent one of our modern spit roasters and use it to cook the meat yourself. It is far easier than you think. Our roasting machines are easy to use and we explain everything to you in advance. If you are on a tight budget, it is a particularly good way to provide your guests with a spectacular party feast.

Ordering your party or event food from us is easy. All you need to do is to browse through our menu pages and fill out the simple quote form.