A Beautiful Hog Roast Bridgwater Wedding

   Recently, Hog Roast Bridgwater team were hired by a local client for their wedding. The wedding venue was located in Clevedon, North Somerset, at Walton Castle, a beautiful venue for a fantastic wedding. The Hog Roast Bridgwater team served the food as a buffet outside under a gazebo which they provided to work under. In addition, the food was served as a buffet and the food was served in professional heated trays on the buffet table.

Hog Roast Bridgwater

   The bride and groom selected the Southern Slow Roast menu from the selection of wedding menus offered by the Hog Roast Bridgwater team. However, the couple requested of all of the meat options on the menu to be switched to whole slow roasted hogs. The hog meat was served with fantastic crispy crackling, homemade apple sauce and stuffing. In addition to the delicious hog meat, the Hog Roast team served a selection of sides including corn cobettes, Cajun spiced potato wedges, Memphis style crunchy coleslaw and Greek salad. The catering managers ensured that all of the food was perfectly cooked and all of the meat was seasoned beautifully. In addition, traditional bread rolls and wraps were served alongside all of the meats and sides. All of the ingredients used were locally sourced to ensure that the Hog Roast team are supporting other local businesses. Furthermore, all of the food was cooked on site in the team’s Hog Master machines to ensure that all of the food tasted fantastically fresh. In addition, all of the ingredients were prepared and cooked on site to ensure that the food tasted fantastic.

   The Hog Roast Bridgwater served the food between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm which gave the team plenty of time to deliver a fantastic service. Moreover, the team delivered a really smooth service and the guests were really pleased with the friendly service they delivered. Furthermore, the guests really enjoyed the food and were really impressed by the quality of the food. The bride and groom were also really pleased with the food and it put the cherry on top of their beautiful wedding.