Christmas Nights Out In December With Hog Roast Ashburton

Now that it is December everyone is starting to get in the Christmas mood. At Hog Roast Ashburton we’ve got the tree up (decorated of course with our tree-topper ‘star’, the spitting pig), the lights and the tinsel out, the Christmas jumpers on, and a list of nice events to get to working on.

One of the most frequent of these events throughout all of December and even into January that our Hog Roast Ashburton teams will be attending is of course the Christmas work night out. A common tradition in the UK, just about every workplace in the country will have their own version of the Christmas staff party. Sometimes that means an in-house event at the office, sometimes it means heading out for dinner and drinks at a restaurant, or booking a hotel venue and hosting your own night out with the help of a catering team like Hog Roast Ashburton. The Christmas night out rush makes for easily the busiest time of year for any caterer, let alone one like Hog Roast Ashburton that specialises in roast dining all year round.

Hog Roast AshburtonWith the turn of December we already well on our way to working our way through these excellent events as they come thick and fast. The rush is so large that we’ve had bookings up to a year in advance, and some have even already taken place in the latter of end of November just so customers could at least get a spot with us. Now that it is December that rush ramps up again with a slew of them coming just last Friday and over the weekend already. For many of these events we were also lucky enough to have the snow come down to really make it a festive feeling white Christmas party!

Our festive menu is already going down a hit for these events. The combination of our hog roast with our slow roasted turkey is perfect for the festive feast, and when it comes to our pigs in blankets you know that a team called Hog Roast Ashburton is going to have something truly special. If you have your night out still to come later in the month with your own Hog Roast Ashburton team then we can assure that you have plenty to look forward to!