Hog Roast Sidmouth Wedding Catering For Bethan And Oakley

Hog Roast Sidmouth has catered many events and parties over the years and we’re always a very popular option for weddings, as you can imagine. We recently served a beautiful wedding at Spring Cottage in East Budleigh, in Devon’s Exeter, for Bethan and Oakley and their 70 guests. Spring Cottage has a gorgeous rural location in Devon and it’s surrounded by huge trees, and the garden leads to Woodbury Common. It’s also close to the sea, with the cottage near to Budleigh, Sidmouth and Exmouth.

For Bethan and Oakley’s wedding meal, we were asked to serve our Menu 4 of a slow-roasted hog with the all-important staples of crackling, stuffing and apple sauce added of course, as well as provide a veggie option. We have plenty of experience of providing options for special diets, so vegetarians are able to enjoy our grilled veggie skewers, which feature yummy halloumi and vegetable pieces, for example, and we can also make them without cheese for vegans, but we can also offer all kinds of other dishes such as stuffed mushrooms or peppers, tarts, quiches or veggie burgers. It would be a shame if anyone was left out at your event or party, which is why Hog Roast Sidmouth ensures to cater other dietary requirements, too, such as gluten-free.

Our Hog Roast Sidmouth team arrived at Spring Cottage several hours before the food service, and set up our gazebo, serving tables and hog roast equipment. Roasting the hog was then first on the agenda, as it takes a good few hours to cook to absolute perfection, roasting ever so slowly at a low temperature, until crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft, tender and juicy on the inside.

Sometime later, while still watching over the hog as it sizzled, we put up some fairy lights and a ‘Just Married’ sign in the gazebo, put the apple sauce, barbecue sauce, and hot chilli sauce into dishes, sliced the bread rolls, freshly prepared the salads and got on with the veggie option and then it was finally time to let Bethan, Oakley and their guests try our scrumptious fare.