Hog Roast Standerwick.

A nice fine day in September for a hog roast in Standerwick. We had been booked in to cater a Menu 4 at the lovely Standerwick Farm for 120 people. With a serve time of 8pm on a Saturday night we had a nice relaxed day preparing everything for the evenings event. After a warm welcome we set everything up in the garden, with some nice views of the countryside, which is always a bonus! For the main event, a succulent hog roast Standerwick, a selection of home made salads, with a home made vegetarian option and a warm potato option. Perfect. It all went down a treat with our selection of fresh bread rolls and wraps, sage and onion stuffing and a selection of homemade sauces. Many compliments later and it was time to clear up and get on our way, ready for another busy hog roasting day tomorrow.



menu 4 pig 120 ppl

serve time: 8pm