Hog Roast Totnes – The Catering Experts

When Hog Roast Totnes catered for Giles over the weekend, it was with an amazing traditional centrepiece hog roast that we prepared from scratch, cooked slowly for hours on end and then served fresh and hot to him, his wife and their fifty guests. It always takes a long time to perfectly roast a hog from beginning to end but the end result is always worth it – just ask Giles!

Hog Roast TotnesHaving been a long-term customer of ours for many years, Giles often asks us to cater his private parties as well as corporate ones for his marketing business, and they inevitably feature a locally-sourced hog that we roast to perfection to produce crispy, salty crackling that we carve off to reveal tender, moist meat that just melts in the mouth. There are various ways that you can enjoy a Hog Roast Totnes hog roast, like as part of a plated meal, together with our own crackling, stuffing and apple sauce, as well as seasonal vegetables and a choice of potatoes but we’re often asked to make pigs in buns instead.

You may know them as hog roast rolls, but either way, our moreish pigs in buns are heaven-sent and full of tasty, wholesome goodness. Once we’ve lovingly prepared and then cooked a hog so that it has a browned, crispy outer and a soft, juicy inner, we add bits of the crackling and meat to soft, floury bread rolls and wraps, top with our own-recipe apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, and then hand over to you and your guests to devour.

For Giles’ party at home to celebrate his wife’s 50th birthday with fifty family members and friends, Hog Roast Totnes cooked a huge beast that satisfied even the biggest appetites on the day and we served our fabulous pigs in buns until no one could eat another morsel. The hog had provided much more than just seconds or thirds and the remaining meat was carved off to give to Giles and his guests to enjoy later, and then our team quietly cleared away and left everyone to dance the night away.