Pigs In Buns For Everyone Invited Thanks To Hog Roast Landkey

With Hog Roast Landkey taking the reins of the main feature of food at your next party or event, you can be assured of satisfying all of your guests. While we have spent a long time perfecting our amazing hog roast centrepieces, we also understand the need for choice and variety to be offered, whether you need to please guests who have differing personal tastes and who would prefer a different meat to be served, like spit-roasted lamb, beef or poultry or those with bigger appetites by us serving several courses, including a starter, main, sides and dessert.

Hog Roast LandkeyWe also understand the need for alternatives to be provided for any guests on special diets, like gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, so just let us know your requirements when you book with Hog Roast Landkey and we’ll make it happen. We want everyone invited to your special occasion to be able to enjoy tasty, suitable food, made fresh on the day, and with our catering services, our professionals will make sure of it. Over the years, we’ve catered all kinds of parties and events, from milestone birthday parties to corporate hospitality functions and wedding breakfasts and receptions, and regardless of the type of occasion, the number of guests invited or the formality, Hog Roast Landkey always go the extra mile for our customers and their guests.

For a private party that we catered earlier today, our customer had scoured our extensive menus, looking for the best option to satisfy her guests, including two guests on a gluten-free diet. After reading about our mouthwatering Southern Slow Roast and Loaded Fries menus, thinking about a spit-roast dish and considering a hog roast plated meal to be served, our customer decided on pigs in buns for all the guests, where we would take along gluten-free bread rolls and wraps in order to make some suitable for those two guests, as all the other ingredients are already suitable.

Our chef slow-roasted a hog for several long hours today and then once the meat had rested, we carved away to fill soft bread rolls and wraps with hot, tender meat and crispy crackling, apple sauce and stuffing, and they were a big hit with everyone.