Christmas Party Season At Hog Roast Kingsbridge  

In the colder months, Hog Roast Kingsbridge offers additional options to our customers and their guests, like our winter warmer and festive menus. Both of these amazing menus give you your choice of meat, like a sumptuous, slow-roasted, free-range hog, served with trimmings of homemade apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and crackling, or tasty whole-roasted turkeys, served with fresh cranberry sauce and stuffing. You also get delicious vegetables and potatoes and lashings of our homemade gravy with both of these menus, but if you’re thinking of more food served to your guests at your party or event, our festive menu also gives you cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets and mince pies with brandy cream for dessert too.

Hog Roast KingsbridgeNevertheless, sometimes our customers want one of our more traditional menus, when they know it’s the perfect food to serve to their guests, especially if they’ve enjoyed it in the past already. This could be piles of our Hog Roast Kingsbridge pigs in buns (also known as hog roast rolls), with fresh, hot meat and crispy crackling crammed inside fresh bread rolls and topped with our homemade apple sauce and stuffing, or a meal of meat, veg and potatoes, but it could also be our Southern Slow Roast, which we serve year-round and which gives you your choice of three meats and four sides. We have so much more on offer that you’ll no doubt be surprised, and that includes handmade canapés, starters, desserts and sides, as well as many options for guests on special diets too.

When our long-term corporate customer Ginger booked us for her Christmas party recently, she knew that the perfect menu would be our pigs in buns, as each and every time they’ve been served to her guests, they’ve been a resounding success, and all have been gobbled up in record time.

For this informal function, with sixty guests invited, our Hog Roast Kingsbridge chef and catering assistants set up our equipment at the business premises, inside a heated loading dock, and prepared the meat that then sizzled away for an age. Later on, we freshly-prepared the fixings and sliced the bread rolls, and by 4pm, it was time to serve the hungry guests their favourite food.