Hog Roast Bideford- Hogmaster Pro Machine Hire Service

This week we had a visit at our Hog Roast Bideford showroom in the north west of England by James and his family. The family had just returned from a trip to Australia and told us how the food they had had over there was second to none and that they had actually eaten a lot of spit roasted meats and slow roasted foods. Hence, on returning to the UK they were craving some of that, in their own words, “scrumptious food” again.

Hog Roast Bideford

As James was an amateur chef himself, he had decided that he wanted to give hog roasting a try himself and so they thought hiring a Hog Roast Bideford machine would be the perfect option. As they were already at our showroom, we were able to show and demonstrate our whole range of machines and discuss the different options they had and what would be best suited to their needs. The family told us they were just looking to try out hog roasting so didn’t want anything too big of a machine as it would be only the four of them eating the food from it. We recommended the Hogmaster Pro for this occasion. Small but mighty, the Hogmaster Pro can proudly roast a small hog or joint of meat as well as roasting your accompaniments at the same time. After giving James a quick demo and showing him the controls, he agreed it would be ideal for his family.

As part of our service we also recommended a meat supplier and gave James a couple of recipes to try his hand at as well as our Hog Roast Bideford chefs phone number should they have any further questions.

We are looking forward to hearing how you find cooking with the Hogmaster Pro, James!