Hog Roast Bovey Tracey – Buying the Titan

If you have enjoyed our Hog Roast Bovey Tracey’s at events or even hired one of our machines in the past, you may be pleased to know that we now also sell our very own machines that we design and build ourselves to members of the public and caterers alike! We have such a passion for slow roasted food that we want to be able to share that passion and inspire others into taking up hog roasting as a hobby themselves or why not even as a business?

Hog Roast Bovey Tracey

Many people are impressed to learn just how easy it is to cook on our specialty Hog Roast Bovey Tracey machines which is all owed to the fact that they are designed with the modern caterer in mind. All of our machines are completely portable and can be easily manoeuvred by one person if needed and in many cases the handles and wheels can be removed to make transportation to events even easier. Whats more is that many of our newer designs also come with various attachments that can be added to them to make them even more versatile, meaning there really is so much more to our machines than just the delicious hog roasts for which they are known!

One of our clients, Theo, was recently at our factory to purchase our Titan machine. He had been drawn in by the different attachments advertised such as the BBQ attachment which he thought would be ideal for summer and he wanted to be ahead of the game by putting in his order of a machine now so that he could get lots of practice under his belt before BBQ season! We explained to Theo that we admired his enthusiasm but due to the very design of our Hog Roast Bovey Tracey machines no practice is necessary. The intuitive design of the Titan means that hog roasting is simply a case of checking the meat every few hours and letting the machine do all the hard work for you! Theo was amazed by this and couldn’t wait to get his machine home to give it a try for himself.