Hog Roast Buckfastleigh – Specialist Wedding Caterers

Hog Roast Buckfastleigh are expert caterers capable of preparing your perfect menu for any and all events. We are often an integral part of an event due to the theatre and spectacle of our work slow roasting and spit roasting meats, however, we are also able to work behind the scenes to provide a seamless and professional service.

Hog Roast Buckfastleigh

Today’s event was a wedding which I have to admit is one of our favourite events to cater for with Hog Roast Buckfastleigh! Fiona and Sam had been together for coming up to 10 years now and everyone agreed it was about time they tied the knot. They had chosen to host the wedding at the local church as both of their families were very traditional. For the reception they had been lucky enough to secure a lovely converted barn, situated on an old Victorian farmyard, that was the most sought-after wedding destination in the area. Hog Roast Buckfastleigh always have our contacts and as we had catered a number of weddings at the barn before the owner was happy to recommend us to the couple. All it took to secure the deal was one taste of our hog roast and they were certain we were the perfect team for the job!

For Fiona and Sam’s big day we had prepared our classic slow-roasted hog to keep with the traditional theme. They had also asked us to spit roast some chickens which we would marinate in Cajun spices beforehand and this would no doubt entertain the guests a little to see their food being made. The couple had also chosen to go for our champagne and canapes welcome where we entertain the guests whilst the happy couple make the most of their venue and get a few photos in before the reception begins.

Congratulations again to the lovely couple, Fiona and Sam!