Hog Roast Cockington – Wedding Anniversary

While the country has been battling the elements this week we were unsure if one of our events would go ahead this weekend. Planned as an outdoor hog roast in Cockington, Daisy had arranged a wedding anniversary for her parents at the local cricket club. Daisy had planned the outdoor hog roast to overlook the beautiful views, however with a quick last minute change we were still going ahead but the party was moved indoor (thankfully). We can cook in any weather and will do all we can to make it to your event, but it was great news to hear that we could be indoor, especially with the gusty Cockington winds!

It was great to see so many guests still attend, they may have arrived very windswept and blown through the doors but once inside you would have never known! Daisy has opted for our Southern Slow Roast menu, containing the shoulder of Pork, Brisket of Beef & Lamb Quarter. We had marinated the beef and lamb overnight, the majority of the cooking is always done on site. We arrived very early to this venue and still had 2 hours left until serving time and the majority of the guests had arrived.

Daisy’s parents were aware of the party but were amazed at the effort she gone too, and couldn’t wait for the hog roast Cockington! The variety of meats were cooking beautifully and the smells were lightly filling the room. We began prepping the salads and side dishes to accompany the selection of meats, even against the weather we had still collected all of our ingredients fresh that morning. The salad was extra crunchy, with fantastic looking colours, our bread rolls are always very soft and fluffy, freshly baked for the day of the event.

In total we were serving to 90 guests, and given the weather that day it was a great turn out, Daisy’s parents were very grateful for all who attended. They did imagine eating their dinner whilst looking onto the beautiful greens in the cricket ground, instead we had a stunning view of untouched snow covering the cricket pitch and surrounding grounds. The food went down a treat and against the view it was a great menu choice!

Once all the food had been eaten we cleared away, so well that you wouldn’t even notice we had been there.

With another hog roast in Cockington coming in a few weeks I am sure we will see some familiar faces at the next event!