Hog Roast Dartmoor Recommended To Cater!

When Karl was first recommended to Hog Roast Dartmoor by one of his work colleagues, he was impressed by the sound of our service, which we think is second to none, as well as our food, which we know is finger-licking, mouthwatering, homemade goodness. However, he didn’t need to just take our word for it, as he had the word of his workmate, who had asked us to cater his wedding day no less. Karl himself was organising a treat for his family and friends to celebrate his own 40th birthday, and he wanted to finally try a traditional hog roast that was prepared, cooked and carved right in front of him and his guests.

Hog Roast Dartmoor

Once we had told Karl all about our scrumptious hog roast and the different ways it can be served, he decided he wanted our famous pigs in buns, where we serve the hot, fresh meat and crackling in soft, floury bread rolls and wraps, top with apple sauce and stuffing (both of which we make ourselves) and then you and your guests are free to add your choice of condiments to them too. We often have people queueing up for seconds, thirds or more, as once you’ve tried Hog Roast Dartmoor pigs in buns, you just can’t get enough!

On the day of Karl’s birthday celebration, Hog Roast Dartmoor cooked a medium-sized pig at the pub venue for several hours. We had arrived there bright and early, and prepared the meat first thing as it takes a long time to roast to perfection and produce tender, moist morsels of pork and plenty of salty, crispy crackling. By the time the forty guests started arriving, the meat was resting for a short while, and our team was busy preparing the ingredients for the pigs in buns and getting lots of napkins and various sauces ready. Karl and his guests couldn’t get enough of the sight of the centrepiece hog and we could see many licking their lips in anticipation.

By 1pm, it was finally time for us to serve, so the guests queued up, with birthday boy Karl at the front, more than ready to try his first ever hog roast.