Hog Roast Ide – Hiring A Machine

We’ve just collected one of our Hog Roast Ide machines from a cheerful new customer who decided he wanted to have a DIY hog roast Ide at home with family and friends to celebrate the final stages of his divorce. You can rent one of our machines for any kind of occasion that you can think of, and while it’s not often that our customers say it’s for a divorce party, it does seem that these days it’s quite a popular event! Throwing a divorce party can help clear the cobwebs before you start anew, and this was exactly what Adam was thinking when he came to us asking for a quote to hire one of our trusty machines for the weekend.

Adam had never used a hog roast Ide machine before but we do show our customers how to use one when we drop it off at your chosen venue and to be honest, it is actually much more simple than you might think. We’ve surprised many people with how easy to use our own machines really are, and the fact that we can provide the meat if required is nearly always of great help. You may not know the size of pig needed for your amount of guests or the biggest size that one of our machines can take, or you may not be comfortable ordering your own meat. We always use trusted, local suppliers and will happily show you how to prepare and cook the right-sized meat to guarantee you a tender, moist inside and crispy, salty skin.

We arrived at Adam’s home on Friday with one of our Titan machines and a medium-sized hog that would take about 7 hours to roast. It didn’t take long at all to show him what to do, and we also left him with instructions that he could refer back to. He was a quick learner, too, and was very comfortable with being left to it.

When we collected the machine earlier today, we expected to hear only about the divorce party. It had been such a success on the Saturday that Adam also went out and bought a chicken to spit roast using our attachments on the Sunday, too! We’re pretty sure he’ll be back to hire one of our machines again soon.