Hog Roast Woolacombe – Wedding Fayre Fun!

Before taking a trip down the aisle, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got everything you need for your special day to go ahead; and for those looking to explore their options and soak up some inspiration from professionals (but not from the other side of a screen!), wedding fayres are an ideal way to experience new, and up and coming trends in the community. With the first wedding fayre season of the year now well and truly underway, recently engaged couples are on the hunt for fun and exciting ideas to transform their special day from a typical ceremony into the wedding of the year.

Hog Roast WoolacombeHoping to woo the masses with our selection of tasty hog roasts, the Hog Roast Woolacombe catering crew took a trip to a neighbouring town where they put on an impressive buffet which showcased our team’s extraordinary abilities at a large-scale wedding festival. With more than 500 people having purchased tickets to the highly-anticipated event, the team certainly had their work cut out for them as they strived to serve a drool-worthy feast before the guests came pouring into the arena.

Working tirelessly, the Hog Roast Woolacombe catering team banded together to prepare our signature, classic hog roast menu which they served up with gourmet sausages, handmade 100% beef BBQ burgers, grilled veggie skewers with optional haloumi, flatbreads and tzatziki dip; along with our newly launched, loaded fries side option. Using our state of the art cooking equipment, they effortlessly slow roasted a trio of large pigs on a bed of savoury stuffing until they were golden brown and covered in crispy crackling.

During the hours that Hog Roast Woolacombe lovingly prepared the delicious spread, the smells from the buffet table began to fill the venue, which drove the ticket holders wild with excitement. Fortunately, after their arrival, their wait was short-lived – and we’re pleased to say that for many of the betrothed couples, it was love at first bite, and as soon as they had finished their first mouthful, they were eager to try the rest of the menu.

The event was a huge success for our team and by the time the doors closer later that evening, Hog Roast Woolacombe had given out all of our business cards!